Football fields

In the immediate vicinity of Verde Complex, FK Podgorica has built the main football field, with a natural grass, named „DG Arena “, and 1200 seats on the east side at this moment. There is an auxiliary pitch nearby, with artificial foundation.

Apart from the existing facilities, the west stand of DG Arena court is in planning stage and will have about 2800 seats. In the next six months, two more fields will be built (one of them with natural and another one with artificial foundation).

In the near future, there will be a football complex with a main court (capacity of 4,000 seats) and three auxiliary fields.

Finally, there are dressing rooms and all other necessary facilities for playing official matches and trainings of football teams.

All fields are at our guests’ disposal. Thanks to good business relation between our hotel and the club, the rental rate is adopted to the specific request of the team.