Sport hall

Modernly designed sport hall represents a special unit of the complex, intended for professional and recreational players, as well as for diverse organizations that may have thee need for using it.

Sports hall with a capacity for 2100+ spectators, has the surface of 5000m2. A multifunctional court, at 1680 m2 area (dimensions of 47.30 m x 35.50 m), is perfect for basketball, volleyball, handball and indoor soccer matches.


Possibility of dividing the playground into two smaller ones, using the barrier net, enables organization of two independent trainings at the same time.


The Hall is designed to respond to the most demanding events, and it contains:

  • 4 dressing rooms for sport teams,
  • 1 dressing room for officials,
  • 1 room for physiotherapists and doping control,
  • VIP entrance,
  • Conference room,
  • Press lounge,
  • VIP lounge,
  • Underground garage


In addition to sports events, other types of events can be organized as well:

  • Fairs,
  • Concerts,
  • Large conferences etc.
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